Breathe life into you…

Let’s go back to all the moments we spend cursing ourselves, or when we are too critical of ourselves, trying to find out mistakes in us – over analysis, repeating in our head multiple times and what does it give you – more and more depression. Do you realize that maybe you’re trap in some […]

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Don’t waste the life in pleasure of flesh, lead a desciplined life, devoted to some constructive purpose. Creating a new kind of mindset of risk taking, hardworking, disciplined life and there you go – key to all happiness.

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The Right way..

Wake Up Early Invite friends over Diwali Join in at public Diwali celebrations- U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Australia all have large Diwali celebrations Gift- gather underprivileged poor childrens, be the reason someone smiles today Play games Distribute sweets- donate old clothes etc This Diwali Go Local and Traditional because the only right way to […]

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Happy Diwali!

It was 2nd of November I was going Home And I was very Happy I had planned my holidays like I’m going to sleep most of the times, watch whole season of my favourite series and eat as much as I can. (I kinda believe I’m gonna grow stronger this way) So here I am […]

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Irritated, angry, awful, hurt, insulted I am feeling all of them in a single moment Yes all in one moment- NOW. I sometimes hate myself for allowing all these things in my life, all the negativity that makes me feels so low about me, I have lost my respect in my own eyes. With All […]

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People are random, they live in moment and they are so much focused on entertaining themselves, their pleasure and hunger of building few more memories never stops them from hurting you. They don’t let you be in peace, they keep coming, going and all such stuffs that won’t let you be in peace – because […]

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